Effective supply chain solutions across procurement, storage and distribution.


Thanks to our close partnerships with pharmaceutical manufacturers, MHRA approval, and licence to handle controlled drugs, we can procure a vast range of products for our customers. This is why so many other wholesalers, pharmacies, GP clinics, dental surgeries and export clients rely on our service.

Where global bottle necks, supply issues, or pricing barriers may cause a problem, we can nearly always overcome it and secure the products our customers need at a competitive price without compromise to GDP compliance.

Over time, we’ve established a comprehensive approved supplier list. This enables us to efficiently access products from reliable and authorised suppliers, knowing our checks have already been carried out.



We store pharmaceutical products in 50,000 sq ft of MHRA approved, temperature-controlled warehouses in Kent and operate logistics through a sophisticated resource management system.

We can easily and efficiently keep track of orders, holding, then dispatching and delivering products in line with your requirements.

Our highly trained, dedicated warehouse team are the backbone of our storage services. They expertly handle, record, and navigate the products in our facilities placing a high priority on GDP.



We offer an efficient and robust distribution service direct for our customer base, transportation is temperature controlled, and goods are secure, traceable, and able to be delivered nationwide. We also fulfil an export customer base across Europe, Commonwealth countries, UAE, Jordan, Caribbean, Africa, South America, Hong Kong and many more on the same quality service and GDP principles.

At every point, we can advise where your products are through our efficient systems.

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